GENTLE LITTLEWOMAN With trendy designs sprinkled with charming prints, unique touches and essential details, GENTLE LITTLEWOMAN styling turns happiness into an everyday lifestyle for your adorable baby girl aged between 1-6 years old.

GENTLE LITTLEWOMAN aims to deliver only the best to your girl for both fashionable and functional purposes. Enjoy choosing meticulously designed items from a dazzling range of collections that are tailored to meet the best quality.

Our designs boast a sassy twist, with looks taking on a stylish vibe, along with a bold color palette and a mixture of fabrics and prints. Creating mother-daughter looks will be more fun than ever as GENTLE LITTLEWOMAN collections bring prints from GENTLEWOMAN and convey through younger silhouettes.

Simple wardrobe staples with clever twists, LITTLEWOMAN Club line portrays a cool and street vibe on minimal-designed items ranging from apparel to accessories. Perfectly suited to active, spirited kids and ideal for everyday styling.